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Consultancy Services

The Company’s experts having had exposure to global Consultancy and infrastructure projects, provide a variety of services from conceptual to completion stage of the projects including technical supervision and project management. The Maintenance and Operation of the completed Projects after their completion, is one of the unique feature and commitment of the Company which is highly appreciated by users. The broad services provided by the company are listed below:-


Pre-Feasibility Studies

» Site Reconnaissance
» Conceptual Reports
» Conceptual Design and Economics
» Economic and Financial analysis
» Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan
» Water Shed Management
» Soil Conservation Studies
» Feasibility Reports

Site Investigation & Studies

» Topographical Survey
» Soil Exploration
» Geological Investigation
» Field Tests
» Laboratory Testing
» Hydrological Observations
» Hydrology Studies
» Geological Mapping
» Engineering Geology
» Seismo-Tectonic Studies
» Geophysics and geology applied to Civil engineering
» Geophysics and Hydrogeology for Ground Water Investigation
» Mining and Oil exploration
» Tunnels & Caverns Planning Studies
» Hydro Power Planning Studies
Project Planning, Design and Estimation
» Preliminary Planning of Projects
» Detailed Planning of Projects
» Technical Specifications and Bill of Materials
» Cost Estimates
» Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
» Detailed Structural Analysis & Design
» Construction Drawings and Specifications
» Safety Measures
» Vibration and Blasting Control
Tendering & Contracts
» Preparation of Tenders
» Pre qualification and Selection of Tenderers
» Issue and receipt of Tenders
» Technical scrutiny of Tenders
» Rate Analysis
» Reasonability of Tenders
» Acceptance of Tenders
» Contract Management
» Arbitration, Court Cases and Dispute Resolution
Project Monitoring and Control
» Site Supervision & Project Management
» Quality Control/Assurance
» Design Review
» Measurement of Works
» Site Documents
» Preparation of Bills for Payment
» Running and Final Bills for payment
» Completion Drawings
» Completion Reports
» Complete Supervision of the Projects as ‘Engineer’ and as per particular requirements of the department
Maintenance & Operation
» Maintenance and Operation of Projects after Completion
» Defect Monitoring and Control
» Periodic Maintenance of Equipment and Services
» Upgradation & Improvements

Expertise & Specialisation
The team of experts in ‘Super Dynamic Systems’, is specifically suited for following types of specialized projects:-

» Tunnels & Caverns for Strategic Projects, Rail, Road, Highway and Hydro Power Projects including the    Projects in High Altitude areas
» Underground Structures such as Bunkers, Silos, Ammunition Storage, Aircraft Hangars, Command and    Communication Centers etc
» High Rise Structures including Aerial Masts & Towers
» Pre Engineered Buildings & Structures
» Special Accommodation for Extreme Cold Climate and High Altitude Areas
» Special Structures and Systems for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection
» Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) Systems for Underground facilities
» Communication Systems, Security and Surveillance Systems
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