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Pre-Feasibility Studies
Site Investigation & Studies
Project Planning, Design and Estimation
Tendering & Contracts
Project Monitoring and Control
Maintenance & Operation

Pre-Feasibility Studies

» Site Reconnaissance
» Conceptual Reports
» Conceptual Design and Economics
» Economic and Financial analysis
» Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan
» Water Shed Management
» Soil Conservation Studies
» Feasibility Reports

Site Investigation & Studies

» Topographical Survey
» Soil Exploration
» Geological Investigation
» Field Tests
» Laboratory Testing
» Hydrological Observations
» Hydrology Studies
» Geological Mapping
» Engineering Geology
» Seismo-Tectonic Studies
» Geophysics and geology applied to Civil engineering
» Geophysics and Hydrogeology for Ground Water Investigation
» Mining and Oil exploration
» Tunnels & Caverns Planning Studies
» Hydro Power Planning Studies

Project Planning, Design and Estimation

» Preliminary Planning of Projects
» Detailed Planning of Projects
» Technical Specifications and Bill of Materials
» Cost Estimates
» Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
» Detailed Structural Analysis & Design
» Construction Drawings and Specifications
» Safety Measures
» Vibration and Blasting Control

Project Monitoring and Control

» Site Supervision & Project Management
» Quality Control/Assurance
» Design Review
» Measurement of Works
» Site Documents
» Preparation of Bills for Payment
» Running and Final Bills for payment
» Completion Drawings
» Completion Reports
» Complete Supervision of the Projects as ‘Engineer’ and as per particular requirements of the department

Tendering & Contracts

» Preparation of Tenders
» Pre qualification and Selection of Tenderers
» Issue and receipt of Tenders
» Technical scrutiny of Tenders
» Rate Analysis
» Reasonability of Tenders
» Acceptance of Tenders
» Contract Management
» Arbitration, Court Cases and Dispute Resolution

Maintenance & Operation

» Maintenance and Operation of Projects after Completion
» Defect Monitoring and Control
» Periodic Maintenance of Equipment and Services
» Upgradation & Improvements

Expertise & Specialisation

The team of experts in ‘Super Dynamic Systems’, is specifically suited for following types of specialized projects:-

» Tunnels & Caverns for Strategic Projects, Rail, Road, Highway and Hydro Power Projects including the Projects in High Altitude areas
» Underground Structures such as Bunkers, Silos, Ammunition Storage, Aircraft Hangars, Command and Communication Centers etc
» High Rise Structures including Aerial Masts & Towers
» Pre Engineered Buildings & Structures
» Special Accommodation for Extreme Cold Climate and High Altitude Areas
» Special Structures and Systems for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection
» Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) Systems for Underground facilities
» Communication Systems, Security and Surveillance Systems